About Claire


I am an expert at helping undecided college students find their direction!

Since earning my master's degree in counseling, I have worked with thousands of students like YOU, providing inspiration, strategies and support.

I've been there myself.

I know what it's like to struggle with indecision in college.

I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up ... until I was way past grown up. College for me was filled with confusion about majors and careers. I never sought out help.

BIG mistake. With no one to bounce ideas off of, I floundered. After graduation, I found myself in a job that wasn't a good fit at all.

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Connecting college to the world of work.

Long after college, I started reading books about how to get what we want out of life.

As I learned about people who had struggled to find their place in the world, it dawned on me that I could help others, especially college students, with the same concerns, helping them to avoid a lot of confusion.

College can be so rewarding if you can figure out who you are, determine your direction, and work strategically toward your goals. But for many students, this kind of exploration is impossible on their own. They need someone who can uncover their interests, strengths and dreams and directly connect them to the world of work.

In college I needed … somebody like who I am now!

My qualifications.

I attended graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a master's degree in counseling, with an emphasis in higher education.

After graduate school, I worked as a career counselor at my alma mater, honing my skills and finding immense satisfaction helping students cut through indecision and find their direction.

I am passionate about my job, and I would love to help YOU.

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