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Does your work make you feel alive ?

If not, let’s fix that! The world needs your gifts and talents, and you deserve a fulfilling career experience — one that aligns with your strengths, core values, and purpose.

Aha! Career Coaching can help you discover your calling, strengths, and values, as well as how you want to contribute your unique gifts.


You don’t have to figure all this out on your own! I’m here to guide and encourage you to get from “I don’t know” to “I have a plan.”

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Since earning my master’s degree in counseling, I have helped thousands of people gain clarity about who they are and what they want out of their career and their life.

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If you’re looking to change the path you’re on, or even start a new career, Aha! Career Coaching is thrilled to guide you, regardless of your age or background.


Use these resources to help with indecision, motivation, curiosity and general career advice.

You should have your career all figured out by now, right?

Not necessarily! Many people, regardless of age, are still searching for what they really want to do.

If you...

  • have not taken the time to consider your values, skills, or interests, and you’ve gotten lost along the way.
  • are in a job you don’t like and want help figuring out how to transition to something more meaningful and enjoyable.
  • have enjoyed your work, but it’s time for a new challenge.
  • are retired, or about to be, and you want to continue to contribute in a meaningful way, perhaps in an encore career.

If any of these sentiments ring true for you, Aha! Career Coaching can help!

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